Elmhurst’s Data Unlock Domestic MEES

Use Data Unlock to identify F & G rated properties in time for the upcoming MEES legislation. 

Make sure you're the first knock on the door with Elmhurst's Domestic MEES Tool, designed to filter your existing EPC data to indentify 'F' and 'G' rated properties. The upcoming Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards coming into force in April state that all privately rented properties must achieve an EPC rating of 'E' or above before they can be rented out. This presents a huge opportunity for assessors, as landlords are urgently looking for qualified professionals able to advise them on how to achieve compliance. 

Data Unlock Domestic MEES integrates with Elmhurst's suite of software solutions to retrieve live data from EPCs and EPRs that assessors have lodged or submitted through Access Elmhurst (the member’s portal). As well as a summary report, users can also retrieve recommendations for each 'F' and 'G' rated property to advise landlords on the necessary improvements to be made. 

How can Assessors and Organisations use Data Unlock Domestic MEES?

Data Unlock Domestic MEES can help you identify new business opportunities and market your services to those who need it.

For example, a company that sells cavity wall insulation might want to identify households that fall below Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards. Data Unlock Domestic MEES provides the appropriate data to target such households which require your energy-saving measures. 

Moreover energy assessors can use Data Unlock Domestic MEES to determine which households fall within an 'F' or 'G' EPC Rating, and can potentially gain more revenue from undertaking further energy assessments as requested by landlords. 

Benefits of Elmhurst's Data Unlock Domestic MEES

  • Access to live and up to date EPC data for more detailed analysis (data available from 2007 onwards)
  • Pinpoint properties which do not meet the MEES criteria
  • Generate new business, by encouraging demand for an up to date EPC
  • Access to a summary report and detailed recommendation report (available as a PDF or CSV file) for each property
  • Understand trends and opportunities
  • Make better decisions- no more 'gut feeling' decisions
  • Revisit the data whenever you need
  • Identify profitable opportunities



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