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The 5th December deadline for Complying with the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) has passed. However, if you are affected by the legislation you can still act to reduce the risk or level of financial penalties you may face and avoid getting on the public register of non compliant organisations.

Elmhurst Energy Services will help you take immediate steps to inform the Environment Agency that we are working together to complete an ESOS audit. We will notify the Agency that your audit may not be complete by the 29th January 2016, when enforcement action is scheduled to begin. We will then reduce your risk of penalties by demonstrating that you have instructed us to work diligently to achieve compliance.  We bring a wide range of successful case studies for ESOS having worked across industry, so you can expect our full support and guidance on the subject.  We will then work with you to complete your ESOS Audit, calculate your energy efficiency and use the ESOS audit to your advantage by identifying opportunities to reduce your energy bills.

ESOS consultancy, the key steps

Elmhurst Energy Services offers a step-by-step approach to ESOS Consultancy which will lead you along a path of energy savings and compliance. This includes the following:

Stage 1: ESOS Consultancy – Pre Diagnostic (FREE)

FREE initial workshop to get you familiarised with the ESOS audit requirements and to plan a full, fast and effective programme to manage your data acquisition using all the right stakeholders. This will entail:

  • Introduction to ESOS
  • Detailed run through of benefits to ESOS
  • Effective questioning in order to scope a programme which fits your company whilst satisfying legislation
  • Establish the level of details needed to make sure that obligatory requirements have been satisfied
  • A costed proposal of works for remaining stages
  • Sample Site Audits

Visiting a sample of your sites, collecting data to satisfy ESOS requirements and unearth hidden energy saving opportunities.

Stage 2:  ESOS Consultancy - Diagnostic

This stage has been broken down into sub- stages which relate to information gathering, analysis and auditing.

  • Data gathering and collation - working with you to facilitate the collection of relevant information needed for complete and fruitful analysis.
  • Sample Site Audits - visiting a sample of your sites, collecting data to satisfy ESOS requirements and unearth hidden energy saving opportunities.
  • Data Analysis - calculating and analysing energy consumption and energy efficiency in the context of your buildings, transport and industrial processes.

Stage 3 – ESOS Consultancy - Development of Company ESOS Report

This stage involves the production of a detailed report which satisfies the requirements of ESOS by demonstrating your current energy efficiency and highlighting opportunities for you to reduce energy bills. This report covers:

  • The total energy consumption and efficiency of your buildings, transport and industrial processes.
  • Identification of ways to improve energy efficiency.
  • Recommend cost effective energy saving measures.
  • Review the costs versus benefits of introducing a range of energy saving measures.

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